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Commodity prices

Agricultural market prices from the biggest exchanges in the world.

Virtual Soil Maps

Dig down into your farm with detailed diagnostics of your soil.




Share insights into new technology, management practices and new ideas.

For farmers, by farmers

Be inspired by your global peers and share your experience.




Visit or host leading farmers around the world to share knowledge.

Your global network 

a world-wide virtual farming community, supported by Rabobank.


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Feeding the world, farming for the future

This online community has been developed by Rabobank to help farmers face the challenge of growing 77% more food in the next 35 years - to feed 9 billion people by 2050 - by providing a safe space to share knowledge within a circle of trust.

Building together

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We've improved your farm profile page and made it easier to search for farms


Discuss issues with farmers and analysts world-wide in online forums

Activity feed

See what others are up to, scan news and share updates on the home page

One-click log in

We're investigating the best way to launch the site from your phone

Recognise users

You should be able to see at a glance who is who - and what they do


Our search function needs some improvement – we’re working on it!


We want to add a 'translate' function to make the site multilingual

Direct messaging

Chat with other farmers one-to-one in private conversation

Follow users

‘Tag’ users to follow updates and notify them about relevant content

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