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Welcome to Rabobank's an exclusive worldwide community where Rabobank farmers and experts connect and share knowledge. 

Global Farmers is Rabobank’s initiative to help farmers to be successful rural entrepreneurs in a vastly changing world and to contribute to the global challenge of producing substantially more food in the next 3 decades - to feed 9 billion people by 2050, as part of our Banking for Food strategy. provides our clients and staff with access to agricultural knowledge and networks. The community is an online hub (desktop, mobile and app) which promotes the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences.

The Rabobank way

Helping farmers grow their agricultural business is at the heart of everything we do at Rabobank – and standing stronger together is something we’ve been doing since 1898. Of course, the world has changed since then. Globalisation, a rising population and technological advances bring both challenges and opportunities. 

For this reason, we have built a unique global digital community to bridge gaps and to strengthen our contribution towards agricultural communities. Tap into our rich knowledge bank, stay on top of daily industry news and insights, connect with other farmers and experts, such as agricultural universities. Will you join us?


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Banking for Food

Feeding 9 billion people requires a vision and solutions that do not stop at national borders, at the gate of a farm or the turnstiles of a supermarket. Banking for Food is Rabobank’s vision on agriculture and food for 2050.

The world of agriculture and food is facing huge challenges. One of the tasks Rabobank sets itself is to contribute to feeding the world on a more sustainable basis, by facilitating the economic success and growth of customers and the communities in which they operate.

We aspire to provide financing and support to more farmers, growers and horticulturists worldwide to enable them to produce more, efficiently and sustainably. And we also aim to strengthen food chains by optimisation and financing, by taking part in initiatives for sustainable food security, by stimulating public debate and by contributing to the innovation financing that is necessary.

Promoting cooperation

Rabobank is not just the bank that finances food & agribusiness, but also the bank that promotes and facilitates cooperation and connects people worldwide.

Standing stronger together is also the purpose behind the Rabobank Foundation, the bank's social fund, and Rabo Development, a division that helps developing societies by improving access to financial services.

Through, we also help connect farmers not only with other farmers across the globe, but also with our food and agri analysts, with the dual goal of helping farmers to successfully run their businesses and produce more food with less impact on our planet.

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