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Global Farmers is a network - a global farmers' community that shares knowledge and its network, and exchanges ideas, technology, and more.

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We are unlocking both knowledge and networks by providing a safe place for farmers to connect, share and learn with global peers.

We help connect farmers with farmers across the globe, and with our food and agri analysts, with the dual goal of helping farmers to successfully run their businesses and produce more food with less impact on our planet.

Banking for Food strategy

Growing at least 60% more food in the next decades – to feed 9 billion people by 2050 – is a huge challenge, but one that Rabobank is determined to help farmers meet. It’s that determination that led Rabobank to develop its Banking for Food strategy and create GlobalFarmers.com.

Rabobank: Founded by farmers

Rabobank has been ideally placed to put our digital community in place. It was founded in 1898 for farmers, by farmers who believed in the cooperative concept that working together makes people strong together. Since then, Rabobank has never strayed from this path.

Agriculture was, is and will always remain at the core of Rabobank’s strategy. Over the years it has gained a wealth of knowledge about the agricultural sector. From the smallest seed to the food on our plates, Rabobank is involved all the way.

Promoting cooperation

Rabobank is not ‘just’ the bank that finances food & agribusiness, but also the bank that promotes and facilitates cooperation and connects people world-wide. Standing stronger together is also the idea behind the Rabobank Foundation, the bank's social fund, and Rabo Development, a division that helps developing societies by improving access to financial services.

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