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Rabobank Foundation: Investing in a sustainable future

Standing stronger together. That's the strength of a cooperative. It is also the idea behind the Rabobank's social fund – Rabobank Foundation.

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Investing in people's self-sufficiency is our most important task. Not only in our own country, but far beyond it. People who work hard to be economically self-sufficient and build an independent life deserve Rabobank Foundation’s support. Not only its financial support, but also the support of the bank’s expertise and network.

The Foundation’s vision

Everyone with a desire to grow should be given the opportunity to do so. The Foundation sees promoting self-sufficiency as an effective tool for aid and social assistance both domestically and abroad.

The Foundation’s mission

In the Netherlands and internationally the Foundation offers poor and disadvantaged groups the prospect of a sustainable future. This future prospect is built on the Foundation’s financial resources, the Rabobank expertise and network.

“What we don't do is ‘charity old style’; we invest in independence and self-sufficiency. If you start by appealing to people's own strengths you have the best chance that they will eventually be able to make it on their own steam.”

Pierre van Hedel, Rabobank Foundation Director



The Foundation’s method

Donations, loans, knowledge and network

The Rabobank Foundation invests in capacity-building among its project partners to promote self-sufficiency.

In developing countries its support helps small farmers to obtain access to financing, knowledge and markets through their cooperatives. A number of different financial instruments can be used. Donations at first, as seed capital or for trainings. Very quickly, the emphasis shifts from donations to loans: working capital, investment loans for producer cooperatives or long-term loans for savings and credit cooperatives. In the next phase, it is cofinancing with a local financier. Or bank guarantees for building a track record and as an extra financial buffer. When the cooperative becomes an ordinary customer of the local bank, the Foundation’s mission is complete.

Global Farmers

Editorial Team at Rabobank

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