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Meet Rabobank's F&A analysts on Global Farmers

Our more than 80 food & agri research analysts help farmers spot opportunities and issues using local insights and global knowledge. Join our global community to connect with Rabobank's analysts in online forums, Q&A sessions and discussion boards. 

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Rabobank's food & agribusiness analysts work in local teams across our worldwide network. They generate knowledge and develop insights on businesses, topics and developments in F&A sectors across the globe. And they're sharing their valuable information on Global Farmers.

Analysts specialise in sectors — including animal protein, dairy, cropping and horticulture - and cover a range of agribusiness topics such as innovation, technology, supply chains and retail trends.

Get in touch with our analysts - join Global Farmers

Are you a Rabobank client? Join our global community to get directly connected with our food & agri analysts in online forums, Q&A sessions and discussion boards. Read more about Rabobank's food & agri research on


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